39 High Street, West Lavington, Devizes, Wiltshire. SN10 4JB
Telephone Numbers
Surgery 8am - 6.30pm
Tel 01380 813300
Fax 01380 818669
Out of Hours
Tel 111
How Do I?
How do I register as a new patient?
  • We welcome new patients.
  • To register you will need to come into the surgery and complete a registration form. This enables us to get your previous records.
  • We will then ask you to make a “new patient” appointment.
  • If you no significant medical problems and are on no medication this will be with the practice nurse.
  • If you are on regular medication your new patient appointment will be with a doctor. It is very important that you bring all your medication to this appointment.
  • Please bring a urine sample to your new patient appointment
How do I make an appointment?
  • Please phone or attend the surgery to book an appointment.
  • Routine appointments can be booked up to two weeks in advance, i.e. medication reviews, review of test results.
  • If you have more than one problem to discus please tell the receptionist at the time of booking so they can book you a double appointment.
  • Urgent appointments are available daily. Patients are asked to phone at 8am for morning appointments and 1.30pm for afternoon appointments.
  • You can choose which doctor you would like to see. However we would encourage you to see the same doctor for ongoing appointments regarding a specific problem. This enables us to provide better continuity of care.
  • Online booking is available for those who have registered this surgery - see Appointments
How do I order a prescription?
  • If you are on regular medication you should have a repeat prescription slip.
  • Please tick the medications you require, and put it in the white box at Reception or in the outside letter box.
  • We generally send all prescriptions to Day Lewis Pharmacy in Market Lavington unless otherwise instructed.
  • We can now record the patient's pharmacy of choice on their record, or a "collect from Surgery" instruction, so please let us know your preference.
  • Prescriptions are now going electronically to pharmacies, but we still required 24 hours minimum at the surgery, and the pharmacies may need another 48 hours to dispense, so please request in good time.
  • Online repeat prescriptions are available for those who have got a Username and Password from Reception (see under the Prescriptions heading for more detail)
How do I get my blood results?
  • Most blood results take several daysto be processed, some tests take longer.
  • Please phone the surgery one week after you have had your blood test.
  • If your results are back the receptionist will be able to read out your doctors comments on the blood test.
  • The receptionist will normally tell you that the blood test is normal or ask you to make an appointment to discus the result with your doctor.
How do I get my xray results?
  • It is currently taking up 2-3 weeks for xray results to be processed at the RUH, in Bath.
  • Please phone after 3 weeks to see if your xray is back.
  • The receptionist may be able to tell you the result was normal, but in most cases we would expect you to make an appointment with your doctor to discus the result further.
How do I arrange a urine test?
  • If you need a urine test, either because your doctor has asked you for one, or you are worried about a possible infection, please complete this form,   CLICK HERE   and take it into the surgery. The receptionists will provide you with a pot, which you can fill in the patients toilet. Please do not bring in your sample in an old jam jar or similar container
How can I get transport to the surgery?
  • Devizes and District Link are often able to provide transport to the surgery and for hospital appointments. It is run by volunteers. A donation towards the petrol expenses is appreciated.
  • Devizes and District Link number: 01380 721775 - please ring between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, giving as much notice as possible of your request.
  • Several of the villages also have their own schemes:
  • West Lavington 01380 816286
  • Worton and Marston 01380 720207
  • Coulston, Bratton, Erlstoke and Eddington 01380 830924
  • Easterton, Market Lavington and Urchfont 01380 812623
How do I get information about getting help (home care) at home?
  • Good Neighbour Scheme
  • Market Lavington, Easterton and Urchfont Contact Jo Loring-Fisher Tel:07557 110 417
  • Bratton, Edington, Erlestoke and Coulston Tel:07541 353 401
How can I get dental treatment?
  • If you are registered with a dentist, your dentist should provide you with emergency dental treatment.
  • If you are not registered please contact the dental helpline on: Tel 0845 7581926
How do I make a complaint/compliment?
We have a formal complaints procedure.
Please address any complaints initially to the Practice Administrator, Mrs Sally Smart.