Please visit our Consulting Room to book an appointment.

Appointments are usually for 10 minutes. If you have more than one problem to discuss or the problem is complex and likely to take more than 10 minutes to discuss than do ask for a double appointment. Most appointments are available two weeks in advance but some are kept back for release 48 hours in advance.

Urgent and Emergency Appointments

Urgent and emergency appointments are bookable on the day from 08:00 for the morning and 13:30 for the afternoon.

Telephone Consultations

The reception team can also arrange for a telephone consultation with a doctor or nurse.

Auto-Arrival System

We have an auto-arrival system so that you can let the doctor or nurse you are seeing know that you have arrived for your appointment. This means that you do not need to queue at reception. The system is a touch screen device that is linked to our computer system. There are on screen instructions in many languages. It will also tell you which room your appointment is in and give you an idea of the wait for your appointment.

It may appear to be switched off, when it goes into sleep mode to save electricity. Touch the screen to wake it up. There is a bottle of alcohol wipes to use to avoid spreading bugs via the touch screen.

Walk-in Patients

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to deal with walk-in patients. Please visit our Consulting Room to book an appointment or call the surgery on 01380 813 300 especially if it is for an emergency or urgent problem.

If you do walk in, you will be asked to make an appointment in the usual way.

Appointment Etiquette

We shall be grateful if you will observe the following appointment etiquette. This is for the benefit of all patients:

  • Arriving on time for your appointment.
  • Cancelling an appointment as soon as you know that you are unable to attend.
  • Only one problem per appointment.
  • Not seeing other additional patients in an appointment.
  • Not asking for other patient’s prescriptions during an appointment.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

You can now access additional Primary Care Services in the evenings and at weekends.

Improved Access is a Wiltshire wide initiative where local practices are working together to offer increased availability of services and appointments in the evenings and the weekend. These appointments are available 18:30-20:00 Monday to Friday, and Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. This collaboration by practices will ensure all patients in Wiltshire have this option, but this might mean you will be offered an appointment at another practice.

Appointment types will vary, some being face to face, some on the phone and there will be a mixture of bookable and same day appointments available across the week. We will be offering appointments with GPs as well as with other healthcare professionals, such as a practice nurse or health care assistant . We are keen to balance the importance of continuity of care with convenient access for patients, while ensuring that the service is safe.

To book such an appointment, please contact the surgery during normal opening times. A receptionist will explain the process, and ensure the booking is appropriate. You will need to give consent to use this service.

This practice will be ensuring everyone has easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments at evenings and weekends. We will be working with a variety of health care providers in several locations, all registered with CQC to provide GP services. The GP practice where the patient is seen will take responsibility for the regulated activity delivered there, regardless of where the patient is registered.

Cancel appointments

Please let us know if you need to cancel an appointment either online or by calling us on 01380 813 300.