Patient Participation Group

Courtyard Surgery has implemented a Patient Participation Group, aiming to cover a wide demographic range of our patients.

The intention is to develop discussions from time to time, not necessarily at meetings, but via specific questionnaires about various topics which might have an impact on patient care at GP level.

The Surgery Team is grateful to members of our current PPG for their input in the planning of our recent Patient Survey, the results of which are below.

If you would like to join our PPG, please complete the registration form.

Friends of Courtyard Surgery

The Friends meet several times a year, generally at 18:00 on a Monday evening. Some of the Friends are members of our Patient Participation Group. This group is mainly a fund raising group, and have been very successful in raising money for us to buy equipment for the surgery for the benefit of patients, for example Home Blood Pressure Monitoring machines.

Please contact the current Chairman, Marion Newitt to make further enquiries or to join the group.